What was the highest rated episode of Star Trek?

What was the highest rated episode of Star Trek?

In all of the televised episodes of Star Trek (TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT), what was the single highest Nielsen rated episode?


Answer 1:

The series premiere for TOS (The Man Trap) opened with a Nielsen rating of 25.2 (albeit facing dramatically less competition than future shows). This is a figure that would never again be matched by any trek episode.

The series premiere DS9 (Emissary) garnered the largest overall Nielsen rating for a modern show with a score of 18.8.

The next most popular was the series finale of TNG (All Good Things) with a score of 17.4

The highest rated episode of Voyager was the series premiere (Caretaker) with a score of 13.3.

The highest rated episode of Enterprise (Broken Bow, Part 1) was a limp 9.1, declining to a positively flaccid 2.2 before finally being put out of everyone’s misery.

The highest rated episode of Discovery thus far (The Vulcan Hello, Part 1) was a frankly appalling 1.9 but this doesn’t take into account that the show had already been broadcast on CBS’ own subscription-only service.

Answer 2:

You can see the Nielsen ratings for ALL modern Star Trek episodes (TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT) plotted together on this handy graph from here:

enter image description here

Which confirms Richard’s answer (the highest outside of TOS is the DS9 premiere Emissary, followed by the TNG finale All Good Things), but I thought it was worth a separate answer for the complete graph displaying them all so nicely.



Who are all the people in this “BEST. SELFIE. EVER!”?

Who are all the people in this “BEST. SELFIE. EVER!”?

I gather that the people in this 'selfie' photograph have something to do with Star Trek, but I'm struggling to name them all. 

Who are they?


Answer 1:

Most of them are easy for a serious Trekkie like yourself:

here you go
(picture with arrows found online)

But let’s do this properly.

The one you probably didn’t know

The guy in the top right was the hardest to identify: his name is Patrick Baker, owner of Farrell’s Ice-cream Parlor and a celebrity handler for Wizard World Chicago, who was working at the Con that day as a ‘celebrity handler’. Here’s what he said about the event:

I’m the photo bomber. I’m a friend of the cast and I help them out at some conventions. Levar [Burton] took this photo as I was trying to herd them towards the stage door. Since I couldn’t duck fast enough, I decided to back up and commit to the photobomb.

Pics or it didn’t happen? Here you go:

Baker here

The short-changed Klingon

The small fraction of a face on the far right belongs to Michael Dorn, who played Worf in Star Trek TNG and DS9:

Dorn here

Reference here for Dorn’s presence if you can’t see enough of him to believe it.

The exotic half-human

The woman on the right is Marina Sirtis, who played Deanna Troi in Star Trek TNG:

Sirtis here

The one who brought them together

The guy at the front, who gathered the others for this picture, is LeVar Burton, who played Geordi LaForge in Star Trek TNG:

Burton here

The never-aging miracle

The bald guy just behind Burton to the left is Patrick Stewart, who played Jean-Luc Picard in Star trek TNG and doesn’t seem to have aged a day since:

Stewart here

The bespectacled Number One

The guy on the far left is Jonathan Frakes, who played William Riker in Star Trek TNG:

Frakes here

The venerable android

The white-haired guy just behind Stewart’s head is Brent Spiner, who played Data, Lore and Nooniæn Soong in Star Trek TNG (as well as B4 in Nemesis) and Arik Soong in Star Trek Enterprise:

Spiner here

The ginger doctor

The woman at the back is Gates McFadden, who played Beverley Crusher in Star Trek TNG and has kept her looks by ageing hardly more than Stewart:

McFadden here

The one from ages past

The square-faced man looking grumpy and confused is William Shatner, who played James Kirk in Star Trek TOS (that’s right, TOS!) and was brought through a temporal wormhole to join the TNG cast:

Shatner here

The passersby

The guy behind Frakes’s head, and the owner of the patch of hair visible between Spiner and McFadden, are both currently unidentified. The answer from @Praxis confirms that even Patrick Baker isn’t sure who they are.

Answer 2:

The top-left corner guy likely works for the Rosemont Theatre.

enter image description here

Here’s that photo again, taken right from rand al’thor‘s answer (which he took from a preexisting web article), and for completeness I’ll say that the top-right guy is celebrity handler Patrick J. Baker — also see rand al’thor’s answer for the details.

The real mystery is the guy in the top-left corner. I asked Patrick Baker directly.

@RemnantsOfPraxis: If you’re talking about the guy in white behind Frakes head, I don’t know. He may have worked for the theater.

The theatre in question is the Rosemont Theatre (where Chicago Comic Con 2014 was held).

I tried to find a staff listing for the theatre in hopes of comparing, but I couldn’t find one, and even if there were, it probably wouldn’t include non-administrative personnel.